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Booty Breakout Blues

It might comfort you to know that at some point in everyone’s life they have experienced pimples on their peach! In fact, this is where my original ideas for The Booty Company came from – ten years ago when I was pregnant. I mean, I was going to go into labour with my butt looking like a pizza pie!? Who was going to see my behind, during birth? What would they think? Would they be as disgusted as I am by my booty? In hindsight (pardon the pun) that should have been the ​least of my worries! Butt, it was not. That’s where my journey for a perfect booty started.

Let me share with you some information I learned on my quest for a clear rear…

Pimples on your bum are not true acne, like what you get on your face, chest, and back – although it can still be just as annoying and uncomfortable, not to mention unsightly! So, why aren’t breakouts on the butt considered acne? What causes them? Well, acne is defined as plugged cysts, pimples, or pores (they go deeper under the skin than that of pimples).

Commonly referred to as buttne, an outbreak of pimples on the bum is typically caused by one of two things:

  • A common skin condition in which hair follicles become inflamed. It is usually caused by an infection, bacteria, fungus, yeast, irritation of the hair follicles, or blockage of the hair follicles. Folliculitis tends to be on the surface of the skin and is itchy irritation.
  • A cluster of boils, they feel more painful than folliculitis and can be pus-filled like acne. They tend to occur when folliculitis becomes out of control.

So! What can be done to help booty breakouts?

Look for a wash with ingredients such as salicylic acid and lactic acid. These ingredients will assist in preventing, clearing, and reducing your booty pimples. Combining a good wash with a dense granule scrub will help exfoliate away dead skin cells and products like fake tan and moisturiser that clog your hair follicles.

Try to avoid abrasive exfoliation if it’s inflamed or infected.
Other factors to consider when trying to treat and prevent buttne are:

  • Wear loose clothing and cotton underwear;
  • Try not to keep tight activewear on too long after a workout;
  • Practice good hygiene (yes, we really do have to mention this one); 
  • Shower after high perspiration activities;
  • Sleep on your side, not your back; and
  • Try The Booty Cleanser and use it daily!

Although, doing all of this is still sometimes not enough to always prevent breakouts on your behind.
If your breakout has advanced to carbuncles and is not clearing, please seek professional advice.