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Say hello to The Booty Co.

After previously working in the beauty therapy and spray tanning industry, then moving into the cosmetic field, I ended up working with pre and post-operative patients who underwent Brazilian butt lifts at Cosmos Clinic. I noticed a common theme in skin issues that people were experiencing in these areas and there were limited product choices…

So, after 3 years of research and development, we FINALLY have our booty beauty range, a skincare routine for your booty.
Introducing our 5 core products:

  • Clarifying Booty Cleanser: A clarifying cleanser with AHAs and BHAs, to reduce breakouts, even skin tone and texture, refine pores, and clear congestion. This product will increase the efficiency of all the other products. Scented in our signature Bubble Bum.
  • Smoothing Booty ScrubYour new scrub hero! Made with pink Himalayan salt and guarana extract, with ultra-fine granules to polish your peach and reduce imperfections, leaving your booty silky smooth. Scented in our signature Bubble Bum.
  • Collagen Booty MaskA pink clay mask to deeply cleanse and detoxify while stimulating collagen to keep your rump plump. Scented in our exclusive Frosted Buns.
  • Firming Booty LotionA guarana seed extract and collagen peptide lotion that instantly firms skin, reduces cellulite, and promotes collagen and elastin production while locking in moisture. Scented in our signature Bubble Bum.
  • Lightening Intimate Gel: A gel formulated to align discolouration (hyper- pigmentation) in sensitive areas back to your natural tone. Popularly known as anal bleach, when in fact it is not a bleach. This can be used on other areas such as: underarms, bra strap area, face and stomach, and it is scent free.

All made without PEGS, sulfates, parabens, mineral oil, formaldehyde, petroleum and hydroquinone, plus cruelty-free!