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Anal Bleaching 101


What is anal bleaching? 

Have you ever looked down there in the mirror? You may have noticed your anus and maybe even your labia are, well - darker!

While completely normal, the skin around your anus and labia get darker over time. This can be due to:

  • Genetics
  • Hormonal changes
  • Friction
  • Irritation 
  • Heat 
  • Plus, stool pigments can also contribute to colour change over time

Although the popular term anal bleaching is widely used when referring to this practice, it is in fact not bleaching your skin but rather colour correcting to align the pigment to your natural tone.


Let’s take a deep dive into anal bleaching at home...

Topical treatments for intimate area discolouration work by inhibiting melanin production in the cell and preventing new hyper pigmentation forming.

Some ingredients to look for are:
Licorice Root Extract: Helps visibly fade dark spots and prevents new ones from forming.
Alpha Arbutin: Is tyrosinase inhibitor and works by blocking melanin that forms darker pigmentation like sun spots, hormonal pigmentation and melasma. 
Kojic Acid: An antioxidant that decreases melanin production. 
Vitamin C: Evens out skin tone, lightens brown spots and enhances radiance while fighting free radicals. 

There are also Ingredients to be cautious of, they include:
Alcohol: Due to the sensitive nature of the area that these types of products are being applied, alcohol in the product can cause irritation. When there is no alcohol in these products, the skin will feel like it's "wet" in the area for longer.
Hydroquinone: This ingredient is widely used in such products but is a known cancer causing ingredient.


How should I prepare my skin? 

First things first - have you ever noticed how beauty therapist clean the skin thoroughly  before applying any product? You should take the time to clean the area, to ensure the product is able to fully absorb and work its magic! If you don't, your product may not perform to its potential capacity. After cleaning, always make sure the areas are completely dry before applying. 


How often should I use and when will I see results?

You will need to use the product twice daily for optimal results. It will take 2 weeks to start to see the effects of such products as this is the minimum time it takes for the melanin production to be inhibited and the new cells to form. To achieve the best result possible,  continue using twice daily for 12 weeks - this will lighten the area 1-2 shades. For darker areas, 16 weeks is recommended or until you achieve your natural tone. It is not uncommon for the area to appear darker before it lightens, as the deep pigmentation is pushing to the surface to clear.

Can I use this on other hyper- pigmented areas?

Yes! You can use the intimate gel on the following areas:

  • Bra strap area
  • Bikini line
  • Underarms
  • Scrotum
  • Knees
  • Elbow


Is it permanent?

Like most cosmetic products and beauty treatments, ongoing maintenance is required. You should continue to use the product a few times a week to maintain your results. 


The bottom line...

On the (w)hole, this treatment is not for everyone, but anal bleaching can boost your booty confidence! 

Designed to target hyperpigmentation, our advanced brightening and Lightening Intimate Gel is formulated specifically for sensitive areas and in turn made without hydroquinone, fragrances, and alcohol. 


The Booty Co. recommends purchasing the ANAL BLEACH BUNDLE for best results.